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How to Build Your Personal Armoire Doorways

In excess of the a long time, your favorite armoire can take a beating. Everyday use can damage the doors -- and if you shift, the doors can get dented or broken in the procedure. At some point, you may possibly determine to either replace the armoire or just exchange the doors. Although the thought of producing custom armoire doors might sound like a job for a expert carpenter, it is a fairly simple task. You can generate new armoire doors in a weekend, conserving a favored piece of furnishings and income in the procedure.

Evaluate the width of the armoire and height of the current doors. If you don't have the doors, measure the opening exactly where the doorways will go. When measuring the opening and not the doors, divide the width in 50 percent and insert one inch to establish the size for every doorway. For illustration, if the opening is 29 by 36 inches, every single door would evaluate fifteen one/2 by 36 inches.

Lower two parts of 1 one/four-inch plywood to match the dimensions from Stage 1. In the illustration of the 15 1/2-inch extensive doors, cut two items of 15 1/2-by-36-by-one 1/four-inch plywood. Sand all lower edges with medium-grit sandpaper.

Paint or stain the plywood items to the preferred shade. Use two coats, if required. Permit them dry right away ahead of continuing.

Location the two plywood pieces on your operate floor, experience up. Choose the aspect you want seen on the outdoors of the armoire for the face of the doors. Connect two two-inch hinges to the each doors. Spot a single hinge on each doorway two inches in from the top of the door, and the second 2 inches up from the base of the doorway. Place the hinges on the edge of the door that will attach to the armoire. Use the integrated components to attach the hinges.

Elevate the 1st door to the armoire with the face of the doorway pointing out and the hinge in opposition to the entrance edge of the armoire. Protected the hinges on the doorway to the entrance of the armoire. Repeat the method to attach the 2nd door to the other aspect of the armoire. If essential, have a person aid you keep the doorways while attaching them.

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